Rotin - Bădăcin.

Our Story

Over time Valentin Vălcăuan became familiar with the traditional artisan craft of distilling fruit brandy. Throughout the years he has blended traditional techniques with modern processing methods to produce a fine, velvety-smooth and aromatic fruit brandy that is the pride of Bădăcin

“Rotin Bădăcin” is a young transilvanian company producing fruit distillates. Our company keeps a great attention to the local tradition and high-level quality. We are located in Sălaj district, a well-known area for a rich tradition in the production of fruit distillates, which, in our country, are known as “Țuica” or “Palinca”. Using state-of-the-art technologies as well as respecting age-old methods, we produce a rather small amount of distillates of different fruits, picked / harvested from Valentin Vălcăuan’s bio orchards which are located around the village of Bădăcin.


Being an ambitious man and following a dream, Valentin Vălcăuan created a high-level quality product, a premium / distinguished / special brandy, which descends from a genuine Romanian tradition. We can pride ourselves with it, all over and outside the country.


Ţuica de Bădăcin” and “Pălinca de Bădăcin” are the results of many years of hard work, coupled with passion and dedication, which gave careful attention to each stage of production: from the manual harvesting of the fruits, the preparation of the mash and the supervision of the technological process to the manual packaging of the product.

Reconfirming our high standards are the seven awards won at this year’s “Quintessence International Contest 2018” in Hungary:

Absolute champion:

Peach Brandy.

Golden medals

Peach Brandy and Plum Brandy aged in oak barrels.

Silver medals

Apricot Brandy, Cherry Brandy and Plum Brandy.

Bronze medals

Quince Brandy and Pear Brandy.


and tradition